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How To Shop For Your Body Type 

The secret to pulling outfits off is this: wear something that fits you perfectly. The fitting of your clothes can make or break your entire look. But before you head out to shop, there's one question you should ask yourself, "what is my body size?". If you don’t know, you might buy something that doesn’t fit you really well.

Knowing your body shape and size is essential when you go shopping for clothes. It determines the size you want to go for and what styles of clothing would complement your structure. Once you figure out your exact body shape, the rest is easy! You can easily learn how to dress for your individual body shape, and once you get the hang of it, it's easier than picking the right foundation shade! 


To Measure The Body Is To Measure Four Things 

When determining your size, you essentially measure four parts of your body. They are: 



You can measure your shoulders yourself or ask a friend to do it for you. Identify the bony parts on both of your shoulders. Now, place one end of the tape on the right shoulder and extend it all the way to the left shoulder. Now, measure this distance as your shoulder width. The tape should be taut, it shouldn't be hanging loosely, or your measurements will be inaccurate. 


Measure by wrapping the tape around your chest, underneath the armpits. Try breathing in and out to prevent an inaccurate measurement. Make sure the tape isn't too tight, and you can breathe out easily. Also, make sure the tape is at the same level from the front and the back, and there's no twisting anywhere. 



Measure the torso's narrowest portion by wrapping the measuring tape around the area. Make sure it sits tight. If it slips down, it's too loose. If it makes creases on your skin and digs in, it's too tight. Don't pull the stomach in or out too excessively. Just breathe naturally and make sure you can inhale and exhale freely. 


Identify the broadest point below your waist and around your buttocks. Wrap the measuring tape around this point. For this measurement to be exact, make sure you don't have any clothes on in the area. Plus, your feet should be together and aligned. 

Once you have all the measurements in centimeters or inches, you can use a body size calculator to figure out your exact body shape.


Different Body Shapes

Women often ask, "what flattens my body shape?" without knowing what their body shape is called. If you know the name of your particular body structure, it'll be much easier to look for it online and in catalogs. Most commonly, women's bodies fall under one of the five following categories: 

Apple-Shaped Body 

Women with this type of body have a round/ circular shape with uniform hips, waist, bust, and shoulders. However, it's quite common for women with an apple-shaped body to have narrow hips and shoulders. 

Pear-Shaped Body

This body type features a narrow top with broader hips. Women who have a pear-shaped body often have higher estrogen levels. 

Hourglass Body

The hourglass shape is the most popular, "idealistic" body shape. In this shape, the hip measurements match the bust measurements, and the waist is significantly narrower. 

Inverted Triangle Body

As the name suggests, this body type looks like a triangle inverted with the broadest side on top and the pointy side at the bottom. Women who have an inverted triangle body shape usually have broad shoulders and no definition on the waist. 

Rectangle Body 

Lastly, the rectangle body shape features a bust equal to the hip and waist. Women with this body frame are usually lean and tall. They're not "curvy," and their waist is not as well defined. 


How To Shop For Your Body Type

If you want to shop for clothes that would look good on you, you should shop for body type, specifically your own. 

Apple-Shaped Body

An apple-shaped body looks great in dresses with layers, drapes, and ruching. Try wearing shift style dresses because they skim over the waist instead of highlighting your thick points. Ensure that the dresses have waistlines either around the thinnest area or right below your chest. 


Pear-Shaped Body

Add structure to the shoulders and widen your shoulder width. Select bright colors, prints, and catchy textures to wear on top. They attract the most attention and keep it at the top, diverting the eyes from the bottom. Ensure that the dress is fitted at the waist, so it accentuates that area beautifully. Add pushup garments to your outfit, and you're good to go! 

Hourglass Body

The hourglass figure can effortlessly sport a straight leg and classic bootcut. Clean, simple designs work best for this body type. For example, slightly-tapered, loose-fitted, and wide-legged jeans look stunning on an hourglass body. Make sure that the jeans are either mid-rise or high-waisted to make your legs look longer. Wider waistbands are also favorable to this body frame. 

Inverted Triangle Body

Women with an inverted triangle body should go for straight lines, waist splits, layering, and wrap-around tops. These clothes add more volume to the areas where you need it, mainly the hip area. Ensure that the tops extend lower than your hip line. Doing this creates an illusion of curves, takes away attention from the shoulders, and further enhances your body shape. 

Rectangle Body

If you have a rectangle body, invest in garments that will lift your breasts and give your body more structure. Opt for clothes that fit well and provide you with form. Experiment and play around with different shapes and cuts to give you more curves. Also, try adding more textures and prints to make your outfit catch the attention, not your structure. It'll help create an illusion and divert the eyes from the flatness of the frame. 

This process sounds like a lot of work, but as you develop a filter in your mind, shopping and selecting clothes becomes a lot easier. For more ease, create your own dress style chart initially and refer to it whenever you go shopping. With time, you'll slowly discover the kind of clothes that work for you and what you want to experiment with. 

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