About Us

Welcome to the Luxe family. We are delighted to showcase to you the latest in fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. We have styles to suit your need and occasion.  At Luxe Clothing boutique we are committed to your satisfaction and thrive on making your shopping experience a true delight. We are 100% african american woman business and we know fashion. Enjoy your shopping experience with our safe and secure portal.


Luxe Clothing  Boutique & Accessories is your premier fashion portal proudly offering trendy clothing, shoes and accessories for the stylish woman. We are driven with one vision in mind and that's helping to style YOU. We are deeply passionate about supplying stylish & trending  items that will be the highlight of your next event. 

At Luxe Clothing Boutique & Accessories  our focus will always remain on providing  stellar service from the checkout to delivery and beyond.

We strive for excellence in every sale and we’re committed to your shopping satisfaction. With the ease of our online ordering system and prompt delivery service, you will soon be graced in Luxe style. We invite you to sit back, get comfy and start shopping for your Luxe items.


Thank you for shopping with us!



 In Store Hours: 

Wednesday  12:00pm-5:00pm                                                                          Thursday      12:00pm- 5:00pm                                                                          Friday           12:00pm-5:00pm                                                                      Saturday      12:00pm- 3:00pm                                                                            Sunday         Closed                                                                                          Monday        Closed                                                                                          Tuesday       Closed